This summer join Camp La Scuola as we embark on a journey to explore the secrets of the forest! Our campus is a space that is enveloped by the natural world. With so many plants to study, so many creatures to get to know, and so many natural areas to explore, our campers are sure to be fully inspired! This is a space where campers, as explorers, can journey to develop a better understanding of our environment and engage in authentic ecological research. With this in mind, we have planned a nature-filled summer for campers of all ages!


Campers will become immersed in the wonders of nature through hands on research both inside and outside the classroom! Through fun experiences, campers will explore the fascinating complexity of the natural world while engaging in active experiential learning opportunities from the beginning of the day until dismissal.


Campers will use clay and mixed media such as watercolors and paint to support, deepen, and extend their understanding of the interconnectedness of the natural world. To enhance a more concrete understanding of our local environment, campers will collaborate with local researchers and experts as well as engage in meaningful adventures through our weekly field trips!


Most importantly, La Scuola campers will have tons of FUN!!!



Our youngest campers will spend their summer engaged in joyous, awe-inspiring encounters with the living creatures that are found on our campus and throughout our city. They will get to know creatures big and small on a personal, experiential level. They will encounter the many bugs, insects, lizards, squirrels, birds and frogs we have on our campus while exploring animals found in other ecosystems. From our forest to the ocean, campers will learn more about the beautiful life around them while engaging in a wide array of experiences. Our youngest campers will also explore nature through their encounters with artistic mediums. What stories will they tell through their exploration of clay? What stories will paint evoke in our campers? This summer will take a whole new meaning for our little curious campers as they explore the natural world around them.



Elementary campers will develop a better sense of place through their weekly field trips to the natural gems that make up our city. They will visit places ranging from local parks and nature centers to local beaches and wetlands. On campus, they will explore the bountiful nature that makes up our school, learning more about the living creatures through nature photography, ecological research and through the exploration of different artistic mediums.










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Camp La Scuola 2022