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La Scuola is a progressive forest school that welcomes children from young toddlers to 8th grade. Tucked within 3 acres of lush and sprawling forest, our campus is surrounded by mature trees, an abundance of wildlife, and beautiful edible landscapes. The nature that surrounds our school is at the heart of our philosophy. At La Scuola, it is our belief that the exploration of the natural world is the richest source of learning.


Our progressive school is also heavily inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. This approach asserts that children are born capable, with innate creativity, and with a sense of wonder that should be nurtured. Our team of educators are facilitators and co-learners, working alongside our students to think deeply about the world, develop theories together, and express ideas through a multitude of “languages” as a way to share knowledge.


Ultimately, La Scuola blends the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach with our love of nature to create a profound and beautiful learning journey for our students. Through rich and meaningful experiences in nature, the development of ideas and theories with facilitators and peers, and the expression of these ideas through the hundred languages of children, our students develop a lifelong love of learning, an appreciation for the environment, and a profound sense of environmental stewardship along the way. 

Our School


Preschool student molding clay


Elementary student in the forest


Middle School students on a field study.


Students splashing in puddles.
Elementary student playing the violin.


Our Programs
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